Technical Information - Jewelry

I would like to  tell you a bit about how I design and fabricate my jewelry.  I like to use gemstones and enjoy using cabochons and faceted stones together in my designs.  I sketch my design first, laying out the stones and adjusting all aspects until I am satisfied that the design enhances the stones and makes an interesting overall piece of jewelry.

Then I cut a piece of  fine silver bezel strip to make a bezel for the stones.  I use sterling silver sheet for the table (base to which I solder the bezel).   Then I cut and fit a variety of round, flat or square sterling wires to form the overall design and solder them together.  This involves a lot of fitting, cutting, filing, smoothing, and buffing to complete the piece of jewelry.  I do not use factory fabricated bezel settings for faceted findings in my jewelry.  Everything is hand crafted and finished by hand.