About Gary - Custom Spur Maker

Growing up on a ranch in Nebraska instilled a love of ranching and the cowboy way.  I learned to weld from my dad and have always had an aptitude for fabricating metal.  After HS I worked as a cowboy until joining the army.  Following my discharge I married and lived in California.  I learned to shoe horses and spent time with cowboys and horse people and at rodeos.  I made my first pair of spurs in 1973.  For more than 20 yrs I pursued a career working for the Federal Government, putting my spur making on hold until the early 1990s.  I am mainly self-taught with some advice from other makers and collectors along the way.  My spurs are being used throughout the US and are in many collections.  I recently retired from the spur making trade so what you see here is all there is.

                       Gary Keller, Maker                                     Judy Keller - Engraver


Don King Museum, Sheridan, WY


Bits & Spurs, Motifs Techniques and Modern Makers, Ned & Jody Martin, Hawk Hill Press


G.KELLER inside heel bands; each spur is numbered